Sahar Gmöhling, Permanent Make Up, Lidstrich Permanent
Sahar Gmöhling, Permanent Make Up, Lidstrich Permanent
Always Beautiful - Permanent Make Up
Always  Beautiful - Permanent Make Up

Type consultation for a good look

More than just cosmetics. What type am I?

Not every woman can claim that she has found her own personal style and knows which styling, Make Up and what forms and color combinations will fit to her individual type and what is perfect for her.

Always Beautiful offers you a professional type consulting for eyebrows, eyelids, lip contours or as part of the human medical pigmentation. You get a personal style advice, which is tailored to you. A new design language for example, when eyebrows or lipliner to the wishes and objectives should be subordinated. How do I see myself or how others see me? I want to look "serious", "young", "friendly", "attractive". I am a bright, dark, medium skin type.

With the shapes and colors accents can be set. Permanent Make Up related to the age or which gives you a younger look. We want to inspire.

Always Beautiful    Permanent Make Up


Always Beautiful Permanent Make Up

Sahar Gmöhling

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