Sahar Gmöhling, Permanent Make Up, Lidstrich Permanent
Sahar Gmöhling, Permanent Make Up, Lidstrich Permanent
Always Beautiful - Permanent Make Up
Always  Beautiful - Permanent Make Up

Your Eye Brows

Our face is the mirror of the soul. Eyebrows occupy a central role of the face. Eyebrows serve to protect the eyes and support the eyelashes.

In addition, the eyebrows are important for the expression of communication. They provide a wide variety of facial expressions through facial mimik and gestures.

The eyebrows give the face an expression and make the eyes appear larger. To design beautiful shape eyebrows is not always easy.

An ideal shape for all faces does not exist, however. The perfect eyebrow for you depends on your individual face form and texture of your brows.

Eyebrows can be pigmented with shading and with a hair pigmentation. Lack of eyebrows can be modeled and reconstructed. Narrow eyebrows will be compacted and show volume. Existing eyebrows can be shaped.

Scars on eyebrows can be corrected.


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Always Beautiful    Permanent Make Up


Always Beautiful Permanent Make Up

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