Sahar Gmöhling, Permanent Make Up, Lidstrich Permanent
Sahar Gmöhling, Permanent Make Up, Lidstrich Permanent
Always Beautiful - Permanent Make Up
Always  Beautiful - Permanent Make Up

Treatments and services

We are specialized on...

From the classic pigmentation to the perfectly shaped hair drawing of eyebrowes.

With our professional and type-specific styling, we focus on your longlasting good look and allow any treatment to become an unforgettable experience.

Permanent Make Up for 

  • eyebrows
  • eye lids
  • lip contours
  • human medical pigmentation

Eyebrows can be pigmented with shading and with a hair pigmentation. Lack of eyebrows can be modeled and reconstructed. Narrow eyebrows are compacted and show volume. Existing eyebrow shaping can be brought into the form.

Scars on eyebrows can be corrected.


By means of pigmentation a lip contour can be created, modified or restored. The lip shape is corrected and embellished. A lip shade gives the lips appear more plastic. With Lip Light set further highlights - the lips appear more spacious.

Herpes scars can be corrected.

The lip is optically magnified by a lip contour. This can be supplemented with a hyaluronic injection.

With a lash compression or eyeliner the eyes become lubricant, beautiful and interesting.

With a wider eyeliner you replace the daily makeup eyeliner works. Missing contours, for example, by loss of eyelashes, can be optically restored. 



Covering of scars (pretreatment with the AbraJet - Microdermabrasion)

Redrawing Mammilen after breast surgery

Compaction of the hairline in hormonal-related hair loss. 

Pigementation in alopecia areta or Alpecie

Lip reconstruction on lip deformity (eg after accident, cleft palate).


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Always Beautiful    Permanent Make Up


Always Beautiful Permanent Make Up

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