Sahar Gmöhling, Permanent Make Up, Lidstrich Permanent
Sahar Gmöhling, Permanent Make Up, Lidstrich Permanent
Always Beautiful - Permanent Make Up
Always  Beautiful - Permanent Make Up

Permanent Make Up

and be Always Beautiful

In the morning, on noon , in the evening. In the sun, wind and rain. In leisure, sports and works. During the week, as well as on weekends. In every situation take the perfect Make Up: Always Beautiful Permanent Make Up makes it possible.

What do you expect from a Make Up? That it lasts sports, stress and everyday work and looks beautiful after a successful day ?

Thanks to the permanent optical cosmetics, also known as Permanent Make Up, your expectations become true.
Permanent Make Up is nothing but a permanent and visible cosmetics in principle. It is carried out with ultra-thin needles being ensured that the needles penetrate only into the top epidermis.

Through these needles, color pigments are injected into the skin surface over the small blood vessels. The pigments used in this case should be pre-tested in laboratories to cause no allergies . The color choice is up to you individually.
Permanent Make Up makes eyebrows more beautiful, give thin lips new contours more volume or trace beautiful , conceal scars or place sent a pretty birthmark .
The Permanent Make Up Stylist draws prior to engagement with a pin, the contour of Permanent Make Up on before he introduces the pigments millimeter by millimeter into the skin. A procedure takes on average 1 - 1,5  hours. 4 weeks later, the Permanent Make Up has to be refreshed.


The permanent optical cosmetics is an everyday Make Up, in which you wake up already perfect with Make Up every morning. Because it can not be removed at will, it should look natural at all. But nothing prevents to take the classics Make Up to emphasize your mood with the cosmetic products such as lipstick, mascara, eyeliner , etc..

Over time the pigments are eliminated by the natural skin exfoliation , so that the color gradually fades. The duration of Permanent Make Up depends on various factors: eg. how quickly the skin itself renews , from the colors of the lifestyle (eg sunlight changes the color pigments ) , the skin type ....
Permanent Make Up is so "finally" and keeps just 1 to 3 years . This is desired and no disadvantage. The fashion is changing and with it the Make Up Trends. And depending on the age also the personality and likes changes .
The advantages
- Permanent Make Up runs and does not smudge . It is 24 hours a day perfect, whether directly upon waking up, after dancing , swimming, after sports ...
- In this technique, the person  is after the procedure very early " looking good" again.
- The piercing with the needle stimulates the micro - circulation and hence the cell activity: wrinkles are reduced (especially around the mouth ).
- Before you choose for Permanent Make Up, you should adequately inform yourself: The result of this treatment can be very beautiful. It depends on the competence and experience of the stylist as well as the quality of the colors.
We are talking about details but postion of treatment is also important: Best results promises the upright posture.
- Ask for the use of tested pigments because they are harmless to the body .
- Insist on the use of health modules ( One way module! ) . Do not forget that the Permanent Make Up has to be performed with surgical disposable gloves .

As the Permanent Make Up requires a special technique , the intervention has its price .

Always Beautiful    Permanent Make Up


Always Beautiful Permanent Make Up

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